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Wisconsin Wing recognizes members for dedication and servant-leadership

Wisconsin Wing – Civil Air Patrol recently hosted the Great Lakes Region Conference at Three Bears Resort in Warren, WI. Over 200 members attended this three-day event, which serves as a time of learning, camaraderie, and recognition for the volunteer members of Wisconsin Wing.  Through-out the weekend members were recognized for their dedication and volunteer service to Wisconsin Wing & Civil Air Patrol.

Please help us in congratulating the following squadrons and/or members:

Wisconsin Wing Squadron of Merit – Eau Claire Composite Squadron
Wisconsin Wing Col Robert V “Bud” Payton Public Affairs Officer of the Year – Second Lieutenant Shawn Zinke (Fox Cities Composite Squadron)
Jack Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year – Second Lieutenant Scott Tiedeman (La Crosse Composite Squadron)
Wisconsin Wing Safety Officer of the Year – Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Marto (Door County Composite Squadron)
Colonel Dion E. DeCamp Ground Team of the Year – Timmerman Composite Squadron
George Texido Legislative Officer of the Year – Lieutenant Colonel Carl “Jack” Faas (Wisconsin Wing Legislative Squadron)
Wisconsin Wing Major General Jeanne M. Holm Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Officer of the Year – Lieutenant Colonel Pierce Sherrill (Door County Composite Squadron)
Wisconsin Wing Air Force Sergeant’s Association Cadet Noncommissioned Officer of the Year – Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Lindsay Loohauis (Waukesha Composite Squadron)
Outstanding Wing Staff Member of the Year – Lieutenant Colonel Jack Faas (Wisconsin Wing Legislative Squadron)
Gill Rob Wilson Award – Major Mark Niemi (Fox Cities Composite Squadron)
50 Year Member Award – Lieutenant Colonel Marcia Cunningham (Wisconsin Wing)
Capt Thomas Hudner Scholarship of Honor – Cadet Major Casey Owen (Eau Claire Composite Squadron)

United States Air Force Career Service Award – Geoffrey Biedermann

Distinguished Service Award – Colonel Rose Hunt (Wisconsin Wing) & Lieutenant Colonel Robert Koehler (Fox Cities Composite Squadron)

Meritorious Service Award – Lieutenant Colonel Peter Boulanger (Fox Cities), Lieutenant Colonel Jack Faas (Wisconsin Wing), Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Gaylord (Wisconsin Wing), Lieutenant Colonel Dean Klassy (New Mexico Wing), Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Krueger (Timmerman), Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Thompson (Brown County Senior Squadron), Lieutenant Colonel Williams Sherwood (Shawano), Captain Dennis Carr (Brown County), Major Todd Mandel (La Crosse), Major Steve Virt (Wisconsin Wing)

Exceptional Service Award – Colonel Denese Helgeland (Wisconsin Wing), Lieutenant Colonel Marcia Cunningham (Wisconsin Wing), Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Moss (Northeast Group), Lieutenant Colonel Larry Ochowski (Wisconsin Wing)

National Commanders Commendation – Major Michael Anderson (Madison Composite Squadron), Captain Dennis Carr (Brown County Senior Squadron), Captain Jennifer Kupec (Madison Composite Squadron)
Wing Commanders Commendation – Colonel Clarence Peters, Colonel Larry Nack, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Carlson, Lieutenant Colonel James Delaney, Lieutenant Colonel John Hoffmann, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Koehler, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Kohler, Lieutenant Colonel John Lange, Lieutenant Colonel Dan Ritchie, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Slater, Lieutenant Colonel Julie Sorenson, Lieutenant Colonel Virginia Suarino, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Trossen, Major Peter Bianco, Major Danny Carter, Major Gary Chizever, Major Craig Czerwinski, Major Tim Dixon, Major Ryan Krenke, Major Keith Mathews, Major Richard Merz, Major Corey Miller, Major Ed Wagner, Major Kerry Wilson, Captain Jennifer Kupec, Captain Mike Mueller, Captain Gregory Reed, First Lieutenant Lisa Bastian, First Lieutenant Paul DeCoursin, First Lieutenant Christina Jerred, First Lieutenant Jack Owen, First Lieutenant Rodney Stepp, First Lieutenant Matt Yeakey, Second Lieutenant George Moorcroft, Second Lieutenant Kelly Owen, Second Lieutenant Kristin Walukas, Second Lieutenant Shawn Zinke, Cadet First Lieutenant Mattison Donaldson, Cadet First Lieutenant Matthew Niemi, Cadet Second Lieutenant Sohpie Thompson

Achievement Awards – Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Sorenson, Major Michael Anderson, Major Todd Mandel, Captain Bradley Hostak, First Lieutenant Lisa Bastian, First Lieutenant Maxim Duford, First Lieutenant Michael Willert

General Billy Mitchell Award – Cadet Second Lieutenant Teddy Jessie, Cadet Second Lieutenant Karl Steenepoorte, Cadet Second Lieutenant Andrew Butsch

Amelia Earhart Award – Cadet Captain Aidan Merck

CyberPatriot Awards:
Wisconsin Wing #1 (High School) – Fox Cities Composite Squadron
Wisconsin Wing #2 (High School) – Timmerman Composite Squadron
Wisconsin Wing #3 (High School) – Waukesha Composite Squadron
Wisconsin Wing #1 (Middle School) – Walworth County Composite Squadron
Great Lakes Region #3 (Middle School) – Walworth County Composite Squadron

Congratulations and thank you to all of the our members who have worked hard to maintain the excellence of Wisconsin Wing.

Pictures from the 2018 Wisconsin Wing / Great Lakes Region Conference can be viewed through smug mug at:

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