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Cadet Programs Update: December 2014

  •  REMINDER NCSAs: Applications for National Cadet Special Activities are now open! They close on 15 JAN, so cadets need to apply now. Applications are done via eServices under the “Registration and Payment System”. Information on NCSAs is available at
  • REMINDER NCSAs: Once your cadets apply for an NCSA, the unit must approve them for the application to move forward. If you do not approve them by 15 JAN then your cadets may be excluded from the NCSA process
  • REMINDER END OF THE YEAR AWARDS: End of the year award deadlines are rapidly approaching. By 15 JAN your award nominations must be received by Wing Personnel, for those awards that have a wing competition. The awards you need to be focusing on are:
    • Cadet of the Year: To nominate a cadet he/she must be at least a Cadet Captain. Any nominations for cadets of a lower grade will be automatically rejected. This is a requirement of CAPR 52-16 and not a Wing decision. Submit via a CAPF 58 to the Wing Personnel Officer by 15 JAN 2015. Reference is CAPR 39-3 para 24.
    • AFSA Cadet NCO of the Year: NHQ, Region, Wing, and units recognize one Cadet NCO of the Year each year. Submit via a CAPF 58 to the Wing Personnel Officer by 15 JAN 2015. Reference is para CAPR 39-3 para 35.
    • AFA Cadet of the Year: There are no specific requirements for award in order to give units the greatest possible latitude. Deadline is 15 JAN. Go to the AFA-CAP site for the form and process. Note: this is only a local award, it is not forwarded to Wing or any other levels.
    • VFW Cadet Officer and Cadet NCO Awards: These are technically not “end of the year awards”, though units may choose to use them as such. Suspense is 15 APRIL annually for these awards. Award criteria and process are in CAPR 39-3, para 44. Note: this is only a local award, it is not forwarded to Wing or any other levels.
  • UPDATE FROM REGION HQ ON CADET COMPETITION: NHQ announced that there will be a National Cadet Competition in December 2015.  Therefore we will not be having a Region Cadet Competition in the spring next year.  A Region Cadet Competition, or a Region Color Guard Competition, may be held later in the year, depending on the what guidance we get from NHQ. A recent email from NHQ outlined the draft rules and information:Preliminary information about NCC 2015 is available at, and the preliminary curriculum and rules are available at the Cadet Blog, NCC 2015.
  • UPDATE ON ENCAMPMENT: Yet this week there will be a series of announcements regarding Summer Encampment. Stay tuned and please be sure to share the information with your cadets! Also, version 2.0 of the graduation standards will be coming out prior to 01 JAN. Please be sure to comment and share any input you may have.
  • UPDATE ON SPAATZ PROCESS: We will be reviewing the existing process for publicizing Spaatz awards and recipients. If you have ideas or input on the process, please be sure to participate.
    • 15 JAN: Deadline for scholarship applications, NCSA applications, and award nominations.
    • 21 MAR: Cadet Staff Selection Exercise. To be held in Oshkosh, application information will be released shortly. This is a new event for Wisconsin Wing. Cadets interested in serving in selected encampment staff positions must participate in the exercise. The exercise will measure proficiency in drill, uniform wear, knowledge, situational leadership, and communication skills.
    • 10-12 APR: Wing Conference. The CAC is coordinating the cadet training tracks for this year’s conference.
    • 27 JUN – 04 JUL: Summer Encampment. We anticipate applications opening up early April.


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