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Airman Training School mini-grant program announcement!

The Cadet Programs Directorate is excited to announce a new program this year to help continue the development of our cadets, both our newest and our experienced ones, through the Airman Training School Mini-grant Program.

The CP Directorate is offering mini-grants to units or groups who wish to host an Airman Training School (ATS) during the 2015 fiscal year. Below are the program guidelines:
1. Units may request up to $250 for a school. Wing reserves the right to adjust a request based on school size, estimated costs, and location.
2. There is $750 available to award. Requests for funding are due to the Director of Cadet Programs no later than 15 JAN 2015. Funds not requested after that are available on a first come, first serve basis. This does not mean the school must be held by 15 JAN, only that the funds must be applied for.
3. To qualify for a mini grant a unit/group must commit to the following:
  a. The school must involve a minimum of 8 students and a minimum of 11 cadets all total (i.e. eight cadet students and three cadet staff is a minimum).
  b. Funding preference will go to activities that commit to more students. The CP Directorate will also work to maximize geographic diversity in award allocations.
  c. Units/groups must develop a curriculum in collaboration with the Cadet Programs Directorate. Training must be targeted at Phase I and early Phase II cadets. Appropriate topics include: drill, uniform wear, CAP history, customs and courtesies, chain of command, and basic aerospace principles. Ideally the ATS will help cadets prepare to be successful at encampment.
  d. Units must publicize the activity and open it to cadets from around the Wing. Units may choose to put a reasonable enrollment cap to ensure financial viability.
  e. Units must utilize cadet staff as instructors and evaluators.

f. The school must be completed no later than 15 JUNE 2015.

  g. The unit must submit a final narrative report and expense report. Wing will reimburse the unit for the difference between fee revenues and total expenditures, not to exceed the grant amount contained in the unit’s award letter.
  h. Mini-grant funds may not provide more than 75% of the total budget. The remaining 25% may come from activity fees, unit funds, or other sources.
  i.  Understand that the ATS will likely be visited and or staffed by Wing CP staff.
To apply for an ATS mini-grant, a unit/group must send en email to the Director of Cadet Programs at The email must contain:
– Unit/Group name
– Tentative date of the activity
– Tentative location of the activity
– Proposed budget
– Will this be an overnight activity? If yes, how will lodging be handled?
– Name of the senior member who will serve as the project officer.

– Estimated number of: students, cadet staff, senior staff
The request must be received by 15 JAN 2015.  Please direct questions regarding the program to
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