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2014 Wisconsin Wing Encampment comes to a successful close

During the past week, 119 cadets and 30 senior members participated in training designed to improve their leadership skills and prepare themselves to be of service to their communities during the 2014 Wisconsin Wing Summer Encampment held at Volk Field Air National Guard Base.  The encampment featured four different schools designed to help Civil Air Patrol cadets, at different developmental levels, enhance their leadership and followership skills.  During the week all students and staff learned to work as a team to set goals, work towards them and exceed them.

The Wisconsin Basic School, designed for first-time attendees, trained 51 cadets.  The training focused on the core competencies of being a CAP cadet including working as a team, living a drug-free lifestyle, wear of the Air Force style uniform, and military drill and customs.  The Basic School met the encampment curriculum requirements proscribed by CAP’s National Headquarters. Cadets received a taste of military life and the training oriented them to both civilian and military aerospace career opportunities. Cadets had the chance to see Air Force operated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in action as well as experience special tactics training used by law enforcement for entering high risk structures such as drug houses and labs.

Six cadets participated in the Great Lakes Cadet Honor Academy.  During the school cadets learned the skills needed to function in a color guard, honor guard or other official ceremony. Cadets also learned the history of the US Flag, how to set up a POW/MIA table, and the proper courtesies and customs required for guests and for the Colors.  The cadets also developed teamwork and leadership skills by participating in the Wisconsin Drug Control Program’s Leadership Development Course.  The LDC provides challenging obstacles and water hazards that force teams to work together to problem solve and overcome them.  The Cadet Honor Academy provides a second-year training opportunity for cadets.

Twenty six cadets attended the encampment’s other second year training opportunity, the Wisconsin Cadet Academy.  WCA cadets improve their leadership skills with the focus of learning to serve as cadet staff at future encampments.  The school, modeled off military officer candidate schools, challenged the cadets to exceed their perceived limits in an environment where they learn by doing. Students held rotating leadership positions throughout the week.  These positions allowed them to learn large group leadership. At the same time cadets attend academic classes on communication, leadership, problem solving, and more.  WCA cadets also participated in the Leadership Development Course and worked hard to master

Members of the Wisconsin Staff School carried out the bulk of the training and leading of the students in the first and second year programs.  WSS students come from around the state and have attended previous encampment plus participated in advanced training.  The majority of cadet staff range in age from 15-19 years old.  During the week they train their students and must meet performance expectations.  These leadership opportunities occur under the guidance of trained adults.  There were 31 cadet staff and 30 senior members this year.

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