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Remote controlled test flight deemed a success

Photo by Monique Serpas - Back row (L to R): 2nd Lt. Jeffrey Serpas, Lt. Col. Robert June, AMA member Dave Holly, 1st Lt. Dan Turkal, AMA members Bryan Holly and Tab Hornburg. Front row (L to R): Cadet Airman John Klein, Cadet 2nd Lt. Travis Maxwell, Cadets Adam Moore and Cooper Dozzi, and 1st Lt. John Bruwer.

Milwaukee:  Recently the Porterville Flyers in Mukwonago hosted a remote control (RC) fly day for Civil Air Patrol’s Timmerman Composite Squadron.  Cadets Cooper Dozzi and Adam Moore, Cadet Airman John Klein and Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Travis Maxwell participated in the RC flight day. All were entertained by the amazing RC flying skills of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members and their high performance aircraft models.

Each cadet, as well as some senior members had the opportunity to test fly the cadet-built planes. Both RC aircraft that were constructed by the cadets flew flawlessly.  One craft sported an on board camera which was used to fly the aircraft by utilizing a computer monitor and video goggles.

The squadron thanks AMA members Tab Hornburg, Bryan Holly and Dave Holly from the Porterville Flyers Club.  Their donation of time, experience and aircraft truly made the event a success.

This completes phase one of a three-phase program to build a functional unmanned aircraft system (UAS).  During this phase each cadet participated in the complete hands-on building process of an RC aircraft leveraging best practices from the CAP MARC Program.

Aerospace education (AE) lectures were combined with hands-on construction time to ensure that each cadet could apply theory taught as part of AE to the real-world project.  Lectures and activities included learning about aerodynamic & electronic principles, radio control systems, RC aircraft/wing/engine design & construction, as well as electricity and electromagnetic radiation laws and formulas.

Phase 2 (Video FPV) – Cadets will construct a first-person view (FPV) video system to control the RC plane from a first person perspective via an on-board camera fed wirelessly to video goggles or a video monitor. A pan-and-tilt gimbaled camera will be controlled via a gyroscopic sensor.

Phase 3 (Autopilots & Mission Planning) – Cadets will leverage the ArduPilot open source autopilot platform and various sensors to create an aircraft capable of flying programmed missions via geospatial way points.

This event highlighted the collaborative relationship between AMA and CAP in their efforts to nurture and grow youth interest in aviation.  The squadron wishes to thank Monique Serpas for her excellent photos as well as to 1st Lieutenants John Bruwer, assistant aerospace education officer, Dan Turkal, emergency services officer and Lieutenant Colonel Bob June, safety officer, for their support and participation at the event.

Members who participated in building the planes but were unable to attend the flight day were:  Lt. Col. Arthur Stroede, professional development officer, Milwaukee Senior Support Squadron 10; Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Carter Welsh, Cadet Staff Sergeant Tyus Stoltenburg, Cadet Technical Sergeant Brittany Waltho, Cadet Senior Airmen Kristopher Hildebrand and Jacob Fuiten, and Cadet Airmen 1st Class Amber Wycklendt and Andrew Parr.

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