Civil Air Patrol

Designed for Cadets: Camp Curry to be held in February at Volk Field

Airmen Leadership School (ALS) is designed for cadets in Achievement One through the Wright Brothers Award.  This school takes place over a single weekend, where the students will learn basic leadership characteristics and refine followership characteristics through class discussion, group leadership problems and testing.  Cadets are required to attend this school once before becoming a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO).  Prior to attending this school, a student must be familiar with the uniform manual, drill manual, customs and courtesies manual and the first four chapters in volume one of the Leadership: 2000 and Beyond.

It is important for a cadet to make progress in the program by being confident in his or her knowledge and skills.  This confidence will make it possible to handle any leadership responsibilities assigned to the cadet.  Squadrons vary in cadet staff positions and experienced members instruct cadets on how to apply their skills.  This school will give cadets a chance to learn how to apply skills that will be needed to lead other cadets as an assistant element leader, element leader, or as a flight sergeant.  To fulfill these roles, a cadet is required to train small groups of cadets of equal and lower in grade.

Some responsibilities of cadet leadership roles are:  How to instruct drill, mentor other cadets, build moral and attend to the needs of the cadets they will train.  All students that attend this school will complete the physical fitness test and their next achievement test. Once a cadet has completed ALS, the cadet’s squadron will verify completion of his or her next achievement and promote each cadet accordingly.  They will also be tested on knowledge and tasks taught during ALS.  To pass, a cadet must receive an overall 70%.  If a cadet does not pass, the cadet squadron will determine if the cadet will need to repeat ALS.

To Enroll:  Send forms 31 and 60 with a check to Major Nina Schmitt.  (Please see your commander or deputy commander for cadets (DCOC) for Maj. Schmitt’s address.)

Cost:  $30 per person

Meals:  Cadets should eat dinner BEFORE they arrive on Friday.  Cadets will eat dinner after leaving on Sunday.  (Please notify activity director if there are any diet restrictions)

Uniform:  Basic cadets – tennis shoes, socks, blue jeans, black t-shirt.  All other cadets and senior members – BDUs.

PT uniform:  Tennis shoes, t-shirts and sports shorts

Packing list for Basics:  Towels and toiletries

Athletic attire for CPFT:  We will be taking this test OUTSIDE, so plan accordingly.  Bring running shoes, socks, shorts, T-shirt, sweats, etc.

Please bring only the uniform items you will need for the weekend.

Boots and dress shoes (shoeshine kit), appropriate sleep wear and all notes, notebooks, handouts.

CAP books – The following is a link to the Leadership Book: Learn to Lead

Black pen, paper, and clipboard

DO NOT BRING:  Food or snacks, CD players or radios, video games or Game boys.  Cell Phones must have permission from the activity director.

Contact information:   Activity Director – Major Nina Schmitt at with Major Schmitts’s name in the subject line.

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