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Annual Professional Development Training to be held in February at Volk Field

Wisconsin Wing’s annual Professional Development Weekend is scheduled for February 17-19 at Volk Field, as posted on the Wing and Great Lakes Region websites and as reported to the commanders in October.  Some courses may begin Friday evening.  We are aiming to complete the weekend by noon or 1500 Sunday at the latest.

We will be offering three courses this year, namely, a Corporate Learning Course (CLC), a Public Affairs Course (PA) and a Unit Commanders Course (UCC).  It is understood that unofficially there will also be Cadet Development Activity (Camp Curry) and Ground Team Academy at Volk that same weekend, but please keep in mind that those are independent projects from our PD Weekend courses.  We anticipate free on site housing for CAP officers again this year, with a modest fee for meals and logistic expenses.  The exact amount will be included on the forthcoming registration forms.

Here are the courses with their directors.  If you are interested in instructing for one of these courses, please contact the director of that respective course ASAP at   Please put the director’s name in the subject line.

  • Corporate Learning Course (CLC) – Director: Major Ron Sorenson
  • Public Affairs (PA) – Director: Captain Jeri Gonwa
  • Unit Commanders Course (UCC) – Director: Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Schulz


(1) Squadron Leadership School (SLS) is not offered at the PD Weekend since SLSs are available throughout the year at other, generally more local venues.  Keep an eye on the Wing and Region calendars for those.

(2) Registration forms for our 2012 Professional Development Weekend are found at the Member Portal under Professional Development.  There is no charge for on site housing; however food and conference expenses are $35 if paid for by February 13, $45 if preregistered and paying when you arrive  or $50 if registering and paying at the door.  We am endeavoring to make things more efficient for the many officers involved with the Weekend and so am pushing for all registrations to be made and paid in the space of this one month before mid-February.

(3) We do not anticipate being cleared for flying in to Volk for PD Weekend, but we will keep you posted.

Our veteran A-Team of Lieutenant Colonels Connie King, John Lange and Chris Trossen will be looking after all matters regarding logistics and registering.It has been respectfully requested that Chaplain (Lt Col) Kerry Wilson provide for services for us during the PD Weekend.
Commanders:  Look at your member’s list available for promotion.  Encourage your members to attend the CLC so they can earn their promotion.

This year our PD Weekend is being conducted In Memory of Lieutenant Colonel Al Pabon, a leader in CAP Public Relations and a friend of the Wisconsin Wing who has instructed at our PD weekends the past few years.   Lt. Col. Pabon passed away unexpectedly this past summer.

Looking forward to having you with us at Volk Field in February.

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