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Air Force Association Grants Awarded to Wisconsin Squadrons

Wisconsin – Air Force Association Aerospace Education (AE) Grant recipients were recently announced with Wisconsin Wing squadrons receiving four of the twenty grants awarded in the country to promote aerospace and related careers. Each squadron receives a $250 grant for their project.

The 153rd Madison, Fox Cities, Timmerman and Waukesha Composite Squadrons were among the receipts of the winter quarter grants.  The competitive grant selection process demonstrates a sense of enthusiasm toward the promotion of aerospace education within Civil Air Patrol (CAP) units nationwide.  CAP aerospace leaders across the country are initiating quality programs to enhance aerospace education in their units.

153rd Madison Composite Squadron based in Madison is using their grant to supplement cadet program AE module studies of rocketry with a hands-on building workshop and multiple field days for launching their completed rockets. Supplementing their project, the squadron will build a larger payload rocket fitted with on-board usb2.0/sd camera to capture aerial video during flight and recovery.

Their objective is threefold:

  • Enhance cadet technical understanding of rocket, mathematical physics of flight and trajectory.
  • Develop craft building skills and proper planning for assembly.
  • Develop team building and design planning skills for successful deployment of group video recon rocket project with design of appropriate rocket recovery system.

Fox Cities Composite Squadron based in Appleton, is using their grant to construct a platform for housing a flight computer, radio transceiver, antenna, packet radio TNC, GPS, sensors (temp, pressure, etc.), cameras (still and video), and battery power for their near-space balloon project.

Objectives for this project are to:

  • Teach project management and aerospace design a near-space balloon platform capable of carrying payloads to heights above 80,000 feet and successfully recover it.
  • Design and deploy experiments to the edge of near-space to further their understanding of the atmosphere.
  • Partner with schools and other units in the wing to offer this launch capability.

Once the balloon is recovered, data from the various sensors will be downloaded and evaluated.

Timmerman Composite Squadron located in Milwaukee at Timmerman Airport, will create an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with their grant money.  The UAV will be piloted via video goggles or monitor and a laptop computer.

The objective of their three-phase project is to:

  • Have each cadet participate in the complete hands-on building process, giving them all the chance to work on the different stages of the project.
  • Teach the cadets leadership, math and science skills as well as teamwork and problem solving.
  • To create an excitement about careers in the sciences and the potential emergency services application of UAVs in search and rescue activities.

Waukesha Composite Squadron located in Waukesha, will host a Youth Aviation Adventure (YAA) program in September providing the community with an aerospace workshop.  This program exposes area youth to the world of aviation, while assisting the boy scouts to earn their aviation merit badge and most of the requirements for the aviation badge for the girl scouts.

The 2012 YAA program goals are:

  • To reach area youth by teaching them the many aspects of aerospace education with booths about power plants, airport operations, aerodynamics, instrument panels, preflight, FPG-9 building, aviation in the know, helicopters, airport firefighters and aviation careers.
  • To involve the cadets in the squadron by having them teach the different aerospace education stations.
  • To promote aerospace education and Civil Air Patrol and its programs.
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