Civil Air Patrol

Status Update on Priorities for Use of Federal Funds

Per NHQ:  During the NEC meeting today, the priorities for use of limited Federal funds during the continuing resolution period were reviewed.  CAP has received some additional funding, but the amount is insufficient to go back to normal operations.  There is still concern that we may be operating under continuing resolutions with limited funding into December, and possibly afterwards.  My staff and General Carr’s are watching this very closely.  I’m happy to report that we can begin conducting a limited number of additional missions at this time.  The NEC has agreed to the following effective immediately:

1.       All operations on mission symbols A1, A2, A9, A18, A99  as well as all B, C & L missions are authorized.

2.       Funded training under mission symbols A4 & A5 are limited:

a.        Funded CAPF 5 and 91 checkrides (and training flights to prepare for the checkrides) will only be conducted for personnel overdue or due in November and December.  Please prioritize to fund those that are critical to your mission operations, and not for convenience.

b.       No appropriated funded flight clinics, fly-ins, SAR/DR evaluations, or other large training missions and events will be scheduled or authorized in November or December.  Existing events will need to be re-scheduled until after the New Year, ideally not until late January.  There are only a few evaluations and training missions to prep for them that were scheduled during this period, and NHQ is working with CAP-USAF to determine if these will be postponed or not.  Wings will be notified individually of this decision.

3.       No counterdrug and drug interdiction operations are authorized.

4.       No appropriated funded cadet orientation flights under mission symbols A15 and A20 are authorized.

5.       Missions will not be planned that require members to remain overnight (RON) with appropriated funds unless funded by an external customer unless it is mission critical.  RONs will generally only be authorized for emergencies such as aircraft breaking down at remote locations or weather.  CAPR 173-3 requires overnight stays to be approved in advance through the National Operations Center (NOC) for all missions, and this will be enforced.

6.       The NOC has the authority to selectively disapprove missions entered based on total cost, but will work with  each commander and your staff officers to do so.  Please be especially prudent and frugal at this time.

7.       Budget management decisions are being made daily based on the data entered into the Web Mission Information Reporting System (WMIRS).  CAPR 173-3 requires members to enter all sortie data including actual costs into WMIRS within 72 hours of completing the sortie unless the customer or the NOC requires a shorter turnaround.  Though the NOC is not going to require faster data entry just for this, they will be enforcing the 72 hour requirement.  From now on though, if actual costs are not entered into WMIRS within 72 hours, WMIRS will automatically update sorties to indicate there is no fuel or other costs.  Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for unusual circumstances like limited access during disasters, but members and their commanders will need to justify each exception.  Please do not allow your members to wait to input their cost data, or delay processing e108s.

8.       Aircraft major maintenance is selectively resuming and Wings should contact NHQ/LG for details.  Minor maintenance will continue, but any minor maintenance that exceeds $500 must still be approved in advance by NHQ/LG.

9.       All routine vehicle maintenance must still be postponed, with the exception of emergency repairs.  Any emergency maintenance that exceeds $250 must be approved in advance by NHQ/LG.

10.   We will continue to monitor the budget situation closely, and if further restrictions can be relaxed, national headquarters will do so as soon as possible.

CAP must take these steps so that we can continue to support all Air Force mission requirements, especially critical search and rescue, disaster relief, and other emergency support.

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